Multifunctions-Electronics & Remote controls


• M5100MA - Series: Balancing & AE-Control Systems

The M5100MA combines the monitoring and control electronics needed for electromechanical balancing and the evaluation of data generated by highly senitive acoustic emission sensors, in order to optimize grinding and dressing processes. The device is controlled via the menu displayed on an illuminated, monochrome LCD monitor.


 • DS6000 - Series: Modular System for Balancing and Acoustic Emission

The DS6000 (Dittel-System 6000) represents a completely new generation of process monitoring and balancing electronics equipment, which acts as an interface between the automation systems and the sensors and/or balancing components, incorporating parameter initialisation, signal processing and signal evaluation. The DS6000 product family has a modular design, which can be added to and combined with each other. This innovative concept is highly flexible in terms of its ability to meet customer requirements, provides the user with an increased range of features and is very easy to operate. The DSCC Software (DITTEL System Control Center) was developed for Windows-based automation systems like Siemens SINUMERIK, Heidenhain, Fanuc or Bosch-Rexroth and PCs. The communication between modules and automation systems is made via a static interface, PROFIBUS and RS232 or Ethernet. All modules, their controls and the relevant measurement signals can be displayed on the machine monitor, giving the operator a comprehensive overview of all functions and information. All the data needed for time-saving series commissioning can be saved in an XML file and transfered to other machine controls. This also makes it easy to restore the factory settings. Our systems can also be operated independently of automation systems using the RC6000 or PC6000 remote controls of DITTEL.


• P7: The ALL-IN-ONE Solution: Balancing, AE-Monitoring and Gauging

P7 electronic system is a unique multifunction process control device capable of managing the complete grinding machine by means of Pre-Process, In-Process, and Post-Process measurement controls, machine vibration monitoring, manual and automatic wheel balancing, optimizing the grinding process and wheel dressing cycles. Configurable to suit multiple gauge applications, P7 is capable of managing measuring heads, electronic and pneumatic plugs, touch probes, and Marposs – Dittel acoustic emission (AE) sensors. P7 can be connected to all Marposs – Dittel electro-mechanical balancers to control machine vibrations and dynamically compensate any wheel imbalance to improve the surface finish and geometry of the workpiece, and extend the wheel life. P7 modular platform permits a wide range of HW and SW options to be configured to suit specific applications.The system is available in different enclosure types with local or remote operator panel, provide mounting solutions for all machine types. The system utilizes a series of cards to control inputs from a wide range of measurement, electro-mechanical balancer and sensing devices. Other modules provide logical I/O, field bus support and graphic display control.


• Remote control: M5000B, RC6000 & PC6000 as well as P7-Remote Control

For every series you could use an external control unit when e.g. no windows based control device is present and thus can not be operated and visualized using the Windows interface. For all devices with display, the control unit can provide a space advantage on the basis size. The systems through a standard interface (e.g. RS232) could be connected so that eliminates unnecessary connecting process.